The Lordship of Christ is a Relationship

The lordship of Jesus Christ is a concept that is sometimes misunderstood. Either we diminish its importance by viewing it as a future state that doesn’t currently impact us, or we think it relates only to discipline and discipleship and thus is not…

We Are Not Orphans

When we think of faith, we think of having faith for many kinds of things. Faith for healings, faith for our families, or faith in God’s Kingdom coming forth, to name a few. But the most important element of our faith is believing the fact that God loves us. We read, “For God so loved…

Welcome to Living Word Community Church

Living Word Community Church is a community of believers with an active faith that God is present in His life-giving Word to transform and direct His people. Our worship, teaching, service, and fellowship are grounded in each believer’s growing relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord. We invite you to come grow with us.