Teaching Our Children

Throughout Scripture, God has emphasized the need to teach and impart a knowledge of Himself and His word to each new generation (Ps. 78:5-7). Deuteronomy speaks of teaching God’s word to our children in all the daily affairs of life. Proverbs instructs that a child faithfully taught will be enabled to walk in that teaching throughout their life. (Deut. 6:6-7, Prov. 22:6)

Children are a gift of the Lord, but the responsibility to train the children up in the way they should go rests first with parents and family, and then with the community of faith in which they are raised. This training, while occurring primarily in the early years, is truly a life-long endeavor (Ps 127:3).

Jesus emphasized the importance of loving and imparting to young children in the midst of teaching His disciples. Likewise, Paul while recognizing the importance of parental prayer and instruction in the life of young Timothy, did not fail to recognize his own role as Timothy’s father and teacher. (Mk. 10:13-16, 2 Tim 1:5, 2 Tim. 3:14-15)

We believe that we are all disciples, or learners of Jesus. As such, our programs of instruction and impartation to the young are designed to come alongside and help them mature in every stage of life. We have two primary areas of emphasis in this learning process: