Pastoral Team

Craig and Phyllis Haworth

Craig and Phyllis Haworth are the senior pastors of Living Word Community Church. They also oversee Shiloh, a church and conference center located in Kalona, Iowa and serve as part of The Living Word Fellowship leadership team.

In his late teens, Craig experienced and accepted the Lord as a result of reading a printed sermon by John Robert Stevens. As he heard the gospel, Craig felt the Lord’s presence so strongly that he immediately accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior and began attending a Living Word Fellowship church near his home in the San Francisco area. Even as a young Christian, Craig felt a burden to help the ministries at his church by leading prayer and worship.

Craig’s enthusiasm and hunger for the Lord deepened his spiritual experiences, and his knowledge of the Word of God grew as he determined to teach and share it with others. This love for God’s Word, coupled with his energy and excitement toward it, has become a hallmark of his ministry. In 1988, Craig relocated to Iowa, making the Shiloh church his home. Craig was ordained in 2005 and was hired as a full time pastor to Shiloh the same year.

Phyllis was raised in the Catholic Church and doesn’t remember a time when she did not know the Lord. When she was twenty-two, during an intense time of seeking the Lord for personal direction she heard a recorded sermon by John Robert Stevens and felt the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in her life. As a result of this experience, she felt a burden to serve Stevens’ ministry of the Word. She began attending services at the Church of The Living Word in North Hills, California, where her deep hunger for the Lord found a home in her service as an assistant to John Stevens’ secretary, Marilyn Hargrave, editing Stevens’ taped sermons for publication. This timeframe became a benchmark for Phyllis’s life, and her relationship to Marilyn continued for over thirty years as they served the ministries of God’s word in The Living Word Fellowship.

Craig and Phyllis have both lived lives of devotion to the service of God and His people. Since their marriage in 1993, their service has flourished under the mentoring relationship of Gary and Marilyn Hargrave, senior pastors of The Living Word Fellowship. This mentoring relationship is based on a deep personal commitment to one another as seen in the biblical example of Paul and Timothy. In recent years, Craig and Phyllis’s ministry has increasingly emphasized the maturing of young believers into their own calling in the Lord. Through their ministry, with the help of Gary and Marilyn Hargrave, and with the abiding presence of the Lord, several young pastors have been raised up and are now ministering in Living Word Fellowship churches across the United States.

Philip Haworth

Philip Haworth is training as an associate pastor at Living Word Community Church in North Liberty, Iowa. As both his parents are pastors, Philip was privileged to grow up in a home filled with the Word of God. He was taught from childhood to expect that the Lord would lead him in every part of his life and as an adult he has found this to be true.

When he was seventeen years old, Philip moved to Los Angeles to be a part of Church of the Living Word in North Hills, California and his time there proved foundational to his relationship with the Lord. It was during this time that Philip began to take ownership of his own walk with God and find his own deep love for the Lord. He was no longer just the “pastor’s kid,” but a passionate worship leader growing into a ministry in his own right.

Though his time in Los Angeles was transformational, Philip came to realize that he needed something more in his life. The Lord had set before Philip an example in his father Craig. Philip saw the drive, determination, and perseverance that Craig had for the Lord, and knew that he wanted that same devotion. In 2010, he returned to Iowa to work along side his father and mother and is now learning how to carry the anointing he had grown up with as a child.

In whatever he does, Philip is driven to love God’s people and create a place where they can freely express their love for the Lord.