Young Adult School of Prophets (YASP): Ages 12-18

This program, for ages 12-18 is commonly known by its acronym YASP. It is named after the Old Testament companies of prophets under Samuel in which the sons of the prophets were trained in the things of God. Bible lessons for this age group focus on applying biblical principles to real world situations that young adults may face in their daily lives. In a sense, this program is spiritual formation for the young. The lessons emphasize the first principles of a walk with God and teach practical ways to follow the Lord through the circumstances of life.

As young people in this group mature, we encourage them to find mentoring relationships with spirit-filled adults who, alongside their parents, can provide valuable guidance and help them learn accountability to the Lord in their daily lives.

Our young adult gatherings include times of worship, teaching, and having fun together. Serving also plays an important role as the young people are involved in helping with many aspects of church life including events, audio and media ministries, and assisting with lessons for the younger children.